The Wheel of Life:

Setting Goals

Setting Personal Goals

Goals Worth Achieving are Mission-oriented Goals


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"Without the vision of a goal, a man cannot manage his own life, much less the lives of others." – Genghis Khan

"In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it." – Robert A. Heinlein



Effective Goals are:

4 WHYs of True Success


NLP Technology of Achievement

Creating Well-Formed Outcomes: Outcome Checklist

  1. Positive – What do you want to achieve?

  2. Specific – 5Ws: what, when, where, who and how?

  3. Evidence – What will you see, hear and feel when you've achieved your outcome?

  4. Ownership – Whose outcome is it and what is your part in it?

  5. Fit – How does the outcome fit with other aspects of your life and your overall plan? How important the outcome is?

  6. Resources – Which internal resources you need to mobilize? Which external resources you need to acquire?

The Power of Passion


The Wheel of Life

Life-Business Synergy

Setting Goals

Dream Power

Categories of Personal Goals

The Story of Monty

Achievement Management

Creative Visualization

Coaching Yourself

Motivating Yourself

NLP Technology of Achievement

5 NLP Rules of Self-Motivation

Glossary of NLP Terms

Success Secrets

The Wheel of Personal Success

Continuous Learning

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

How To Be a Winner

Personal Success 360 (Ten3 Mini-course)

Strategic Achievement

Strategic Thinking



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  7. James Allen eMeditation

Define What You Want

"To know yourself is the first and most important step to pursuing your dreams and goals." – Stedman Graham

Goals are the milestones to your dreams.

The reason people struggle with anything is a lack of clarity and clear goals.

Goals are the milestones to your dreams.

Defining what you want is the critical first step in almost any situation. "You can have anything you really want but you cannot have everything you want."


What Goals are Worth Achieving?

Goals worth achieving are mission-oriented goals. Channeling your grand vision into a specific direction and action makes the difference between being an idle dreamer and being a person with a mission.

"The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another." – Alexander G. Bell

Visualize Your Goal

Take a few minutes right now to achieve your goals in your mind. Imagine a life that is exactly as you want it. What would you do each day? With whom would you do it? Nothing is too crazy or ambitious. A few seconds is all it takes to put you in a state of excitement and enthusiasm. If you can see your goal in your mind, you can make it a reality. Visualization is the first step to bringing a dream to life. If you can see yourself happy, successful, healthy and loving life, you can make it happen. The first step is to visualize it.6... More



The Power of Focus

Whatever you focus on – you will attract as your subconscious mind will make notes of what you are focused on and you'll start to notice things related to your goal. So if you want to achieve success then define exactly what success means to you and focus on being successful and the ways you can achieve success and achieve your goals.

Define and Prioritize Your Personal Values and Mission

The first step is to clarify your values. You ask yourself, “What values and virtues do I most admire and wish to incorporate in to my life?”

The second step is to use those values to define your position with regard to your life and work. The values you choose, and the order of priority you place on your choices, will determine your approach to your life and work.

Great Achiever: 8 Winning Habits

Your next step in personal strategic planning is to create your personal mission statement. This is a clear, written description of the person you intend to be. This is often even more important than setting specific goals.2