To be successful, salespersons need today improve continuously in the following 10 areas:

❶  Better self-motivation, greater enthusiasm, and more effective time usage

❷  Better at differentiating from competitors and appealing to the subconscious mind

❸  Better understanding of customer needs and better ideas on how to excite prospects

Focus on Emotional Drivers

❹  Better prospecting,  and customer creation skills

Impactful Presenter

❺  Better contact-making, connecting, trust- and rapport-building skills

Customer Care



❻  Better questioning and active listening techniques

Selling Is Problem Solving

❼  Better negotiation skills

❽  Better at handling objections, differentiating, influencing and persuading people

❾  More effective closing skills

❿  Better customer retention skills

Empathetic Marketing




Knowing Customers

Customer Needs    What Makes People Buy

Top 10 Subconscious Values

Understanding Risks Perceived by Customers

Marketing and Selling

Contextual Value Proposition

Sell Benefits

Sell Twin Benefits: General and Specific

Sell Dreams and Emotional Benefits

Natural Selling: 4 Principles, 5 Skills

Virtuoso Marketing

Endgame to Selling

Synergistic Selling: 3 Components

Selling by Coaching

Selling with NLP: 8 Steps of Active Listening

Selling (and Silence)

Question-based Selling (QBS)

The Power of Personal Charisma

How To Be Charismatic

Closing Techniques