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Selling by Persuading

How to persuade people to buy from you

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Getting People To Want To Buy from You

Tap into people's dreams, adapt your value proposition accordingly, and link it to the realization of their dreams if you want people to buy your idea, initiative, brand, product or service.

  Selling by Persuading, How To Persuade People To Buy, Sell Dreams



Using Trust, Logic, and Emotions

Aristotle posited that for persuasion to be truly effective, three elements must be present: trust, logic, and emotions.

The fourth element of the TALE of Persuasion is the internal acceptance of the value proposed.


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For a salesperson that means that to be persuasive, you need to:

▪ establish trust by making a good first impression and providing testimonials from highly satisfied users of your service or product;

▪ present an appealing solution to the problems  that disturb the customer

▪ present your case with indisputable logic, for instance, by using the tried and tested formula for building a logical argument:

(Benefits Costs) x Risk x Strategic Fit
x Compliance x Politics

communicate impactfully, give a tug to the emotions by being a helper and offering an opportunity to gain and an opportunity to avoid loss at the same time;

ask effective questions.


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Closing Techniques





Selling by Coaching

Selling by coaching is a growth marketing technique. Treat your prospective customer as a player who wants to achieve extraordinary results. Your task is to help the player win.


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Perceptions and Positioning

People act on the basis of their perceptions of you and your product. Understand their perceptions and change the way they think and feel about you, if necessary. Position your brand in their mind firmly to turn them to repeat customers.


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