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Sell Benefits

Business is people; decision makers are individuals. They do care about their business, but they also care about their personal benefits.

Customer Value Proposition  >>>

Sell Benefits

People donít want to be sold, they want to find solutions to their problems and discover new opportunities.

Their decisions are driven mostly by emotions, subconscious mind and intuition.

Focus on Emotional Drivers

Customers like it when you talk about what's important to them. Tailor your marketing messages to their preferences and wants. When making a sales presentation, start with describing general benefits of your unique product and then emphasizing its specific benefits for each person in the room.

Impactful Presenter

Focus On Your Audience

Understand your customers so well so that you can show them how your offerings will:

  • Solve their problems; ease their pain; improve efficiency; save or make money

  • Simplify their lives; bring joy and fun

  • Create new opportunities for them; fulfill their dreams >>>

Synergistic Selling: 3 Components

Engage Your Prospects

Donítí sell, listen to what matters most to your prospects, listen to their emotions, and offer solutions and opportunities.

Empathetic Marketing

Engage the audience as much as you can. Talk less to them, talk more with them. Ask coaching questions Ė they engage, get your prospects to think, help them clarify their needs, wants, and goals. In addition, customer engagement helps you gain deeper customer insight and better understanding of what could meet their needs and make them buy your product.

The Power of Your Optimism

Optimism is a particularly powerful predictor of success in sales because optimistic salespeople take action, and continue taking action, even if their initial results are disappointing. As a result, optimists sell more and are less likely to quit.



Appeal To Subconscious Values and Motivators

Unconscious core values operate automatically largely out of our awareness. They are not specific to any particular situation. Being at the root of our perceptions, they color what we think or do in every situation. For most people, top subconscious values are self realization, security, sexual harmony, and adherence to tradition... More