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Understand EGA
Your Audience

Expectations, Goals, Assumptions


  "Customers buy for their reasons, not yours." ~ Orvel Ray Wilson



Impactful Presenter


Understand Ega of Your Audience Knowing People How To Make Winning Presentations: Tailor Your Message, Understand EGA of Your Audiences: Expectations, Goals, Assumptions

Manage Expectations

Communication is
two-way street.

Before you begin your workshop or presentation, be sure your participants know what to expect. They will arrive with some preconceived ideas. Your advance communication about your presentation needs to be clear to set the perceptions right so there is no confusion or disappointment.






Understand EGA of Your Audience

To understand expectations of your audience better, ask yourself:

What sort of aims would the audience have in attending my presentation?

Would they be more interested in short- or long-term implications?

Why would these people be interested in listening to me? 

What benefits would they expect to gain from my presentation?

Would the audience like to be engaged and involved? What would be the best engagement strategy? What engagement techniques the audience appreciate most? What if I ask listeners to discuss concerns or topics with one another or at tables? What if I set up a demonstration that audience members participate in? What if I engage them physically by asking them to raise hands, clap, stand, etc.?

The understand the goals of your audience, ask yourself:

What do they hope to achieve? What efforts are they prepared to make in that direction?

What outcome of your presentation would most appeal to them?

To figure out assumptions of your audience, ask yourself:

Are they likely to have any preconceptions about me, my role, my company or my product?

Are they entrepreneurial? Do they like to challenge assumptions?






PLIMAD: Plan, Imagine, Adjust

If you want your message to hit the target, make adjustment to the wind.

Plan your presentation focusing on benefits  the audience.  >>>

What are your objectives?  To selling a project idea? To sell a product?

What do you want to say, to whom and how?... More

  Focus on Emotional Drivers








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