Knowing People:

Beliefs and Values

Top 10 Subconscious Life Values

What Colors and Drives Our Thinking and Behavior

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People Skills

8 Basic Needs That Motivate

What Motivates Managers and Workers

Creating Greater Value for Others

How Our Mind Works

Listening To Emotions

Empathetic Leadership

Cultural Intelligence

The Wheel of Life: East vs. West

Managing Cultural Differences

Knowing Customers

Deep Motivators of Consumers

Customer Needs    What Makes People Buy

Understanding Risks Perceived by Customers

Marketing and Selling

Customer Care

Sell Benefits

Marketing To the Subconscious

Focus on Emotional Drivers

Differentiating With Different Types of People

Selling Is Problem Solving

Listening To Customers    Tips    Selling (and Silence)

Question-based Selling (QBS)    Selling by Active Listening

"The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises."
Sigmund Freud

Subconscious vs. Conscious

Unconscious core values operate automatically largely out of our awareness. They are not specific to any particular situation. Being at the root of our
perceptions,  they color what we think or do in every situation.

Below is the list of Top 10 unconscious values that summarizes the findings of researchers from various cultures.

  1. The desire to set yourself free and express your unique abilities, talents and expertise

  2. The desire for power in order to have more opportunities to apply your talents

  3. The quest for spiritual growth and more knowledge  Great Learner

  4. The desire to make or save or spend money

  5. The need for appreciation and recognition

  6. The need for love and friendship

  7. The desire to care about your dear ones

  8. Sexual fulfillment

  9. Security and order

  10. Honoring tradition

Empathetic Marketing





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