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Top 10 Subconscious Life Values

What drives and colors our thinking and behavior





"The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises."

~ Sigmund Freud


Conscious vs. Subconscious

6 Unconscious Mind Controlling Values




Unconscious core values operate automatically largely out of our awareness. They are not specific to any particular situation. Being at the root of our perceptions and needs, they color what we think or do in every situation.

Keep in mind also that subconscious values are culture-specific. They quite different in Eastern and Western cultures.




Top 10 Unconscious Values

A summary of the findings of researchers from various cultures


The desire to set yourself free and express your unique abilities, talents and expertise

The desire for power in order to have more opportunities to apply your talents

The quest for spiritual growth and more knowledge

The desire to make or save or spend money

The need for appreciation and recognition

The need for love and friendship

The desire to care about your dear ones

Sexual fulfillment

Security and order

Honoring tradition



Statislavski advice

The main factor of creativeness is the life of a human spirit, their joint feelings and subconscious creation.

Konstantin Stanislavsky



"Your Conscious desires and your Subconscious intention must be in alignment. If your Conscious Mind wants one thing and your Subconscious Mind wants something else (counter-intention) it is impossible to create what you truly want."

~ Robert Anthony


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Conscious and Unconscious Values Are Often Out of Sync

Findings from research conducted by advertising agency Y&R with the psychologist Joel Weinberger among adults in Brazil, China, and the U.S. show that conscious and unconscious values are often out of sync.

When asked about their three top life values, the majority of participants consciously listed higher order values such as caring for others, finding meaning in life, and choosing their own path.

When researchers tapped into their unconscious thought waves to identify top values, they discovered that the core unconscious values are quite different from the conscious ones. They are more basic and include security, sexual fulfillment, and adherence to tradition. 

Here are the most striking differences.

Helpfulness was ranked 16th out of 16 unconsciously, but ranked number one by the conscious mind.  The participants consciously listed sexual fulfillment as the 14th out of 16 top driving values; however, the unconscious mind rated it among the top two.

Conscious values show an ideal of what we want to be, while unconscious values reveal what we really are.



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