Light-speed subconscious mind can increase your thinking power million-fold.

I learned how to engage it many years ago and I'm happy to share this wonderful know-how with you herewith.


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The greatest know-how is knowing how to engage your subconscious mind because it works millions times faster.

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Get burned with a desire to solve a complex problem. If you are, your light-speed subconscious mind will awaken when you fall asleep and work on the problem your conscious mind failed to solve.

  Enlightenment  quotes Divine Discovery Vadim Kotelnikov in complex situations it's not me who comes to a conclusion, it's a conclution that comes to me


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I don't know exactly how I attract divine messages, but I feel that it's a round-trip one-stop flight:

Conscious → Subconscious
The Universe
→ Subconscious → Conscious




Here is an easy way to become a genius: give your subconscious mind strong “why” and “what”, and it comes back with an amazing “how” in due course.

  Subconscious Thinking quotes Vadim Kotelnikov give your subconscious mind what and why and it will come back with how in due course



Create, invent, and solve problems while you are relaxing or sleeping.

Why should you force your brain to work if your subconscious mind works much faster?

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Your BIG DREAM and your BURNING DESIRE to make it a reality are the lodestar and the fuel for your subconscious mind.

Subconscious intuition allows you get quick insight and do instant forecasting.




Having learned how to engage my subconscious mind, I started making amazing discoveries and inventing innovative solutions every sleep session.

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Vadim Kotelnikov

Trust your first thought and your intuition. Your first intuitive impression is usually correct. Make it a habit to listen to what your inner voice says.

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When you learn how to turn your subconscious mind on and make it work towards a desired state of future, you'll put your strategic ideation and strategic success on autopilot.