By: Jim Cairo, the author of Motivation and Goal-Setting


  1. Belonging being a part of the group provides you with a sense of comfort, security, and partnership

  2. Achievement gives your life purpose, reinforces your self-esteem

  3. Advancement makes you feel successful; expands your personal and professional skills, knowledge and abilities  >>>

  4. Power increases your authority  Employee Empowerment

  5. Responsibility increases respect, both for the person given responsibility and for the person who delegated it

  6. Challenge drives you to grow mentally and emotionally  4 WHYs of True Success

  7. Recognition having others to know your achievements motivates your future actions

  8. Excellence doing an excellent job is a reward in itself  >>>

Subconscious vs. Conscious Needs





Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

To motivate your people,
find the right fit for every person and
help them grow!

Vadim Kotelnikov





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Cultural Differences

Knowing Customers

Customer Needs    What Makes People Buy


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