Innompic Games

WOWs are an important part of Innompic Games and  Innompic contests as a great,  dynamic and emotionally rich  Creation Show.

The total score of marks defines the overall performance. The WOW score celebrates occasional brilliance.



Give a WOW!



 Give a WOW award example Innompic Games, emotional creation show

Social-Media Style Employee Recognition

Inspiring Culture: 5 Elements  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Give a WOW facilitates peer recognition. Itís the premiere platform that helps businesses create a dynamic culture of recognition with engaging interactivity, real-time wall posts, and exciting award options. Scalable for businesses small and large, only Give a WOW is customized to reinforce your organizationís unique mission, vision, & values. Fuel passion and potential in your organization



Are employees in your organization enthusiastic about their jobs? Are they excited about the ways they can achieve and contribute?

Peer recognition is an important way to create a Culture Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book of recognition and achievement in your workplace. Give-a-WOW can help. Terryberry's innovative and interactive peer-to-peer recognition program enables employees to give a WOW and get WOWed.

Inspiring People: 4 Strategies

It's a different kind of peer recognition program. Give-a-WOW ignites the power of appreciation in your business. It connects your people to your own network of positive communication, personal interaction, and meaningful real-time.

Give-a-WOW is a system for co-worker recognition that combines meaningful peer recognition with engaging, easy-to-use tools to:

  • give instant thanks for a job well done

  • applaud achievements

  • give on the spot peer recognition awards for above and beyond performance

  • communicate successes in your business

  • connect your people with the goals and objectives of your organization.


Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

Appreciate everything your associates do for the business.

Sam Walton