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The Magic of Attitude



Attitude Motivation: how to motivate employees - inspiring work, energizing relationships



Yin-Yang of Attitude Motivation

YIN (passive, accepting side). Fear: fear to lose face, to fall behind other, to miss an opportunity

YANG (active, aggressive side). Burning desire passion: the spirit of growth, the desire to achieve great results and make a difference

Meet Psychological Needs of Team Members



Kore 10 Tips for Motivational Coaching

③  Help the player to ask effective 'Why? What If?' questions to discover the roots of limiting beliefs and opportunities for growth... More

Why Attitude Motivation?

Attitude motivation is about setting up an approach that promotes personal growth and purpose by changing the ways how people think and feel.

Inspiring Culture: 5 Elements  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

"It is their self-confidence, their belief in themselves, their attitude to life be it positive or negative. It is how they feel about the future and how they react to the past,"  ~ Richard Denny.

How are people motivated? How can they be inspired to do great things?

Everyone wants to make money, but the things that are really important to people are not monetary. Every person needs to know that they are important and "they matter". People wish to be treated well, feel valued and respected, be proud of the place they work, and get satisfaction from what they're contributing.

"Joy, love and appreciation are powerful motivators. They are feelings that humans experience around the heart. Joy is a feeling of pleasure or delight that arises from the heart. Positive feelings are what make life worth living."  ~ Deborah Rozman

Think about how can you motivate and inspire people by valuing them and recognizing their contribution if you wish to see the amazing value of just making someone feel important and loved.

Inspirational Leader: 10 Roles

"An ounce of appreciation is worth a pound of money."  ~ Sir Ian Bancroft

The Power of Emotions

Financial rewards, such as performance bonuses and an equity stake in the financial results, do encourage people to conserve resources and produce results. But the kind of ownership that really generates energy is not economic. It is emotional. It gives people a sense of responsibility and makes them feel that their actions make a difference.

Great leaders generate a spirit of teamwork and create a mutual learning and coaching environment that gives people a sense that they are a valuable member of the team and create a feeling that "we are all in this together, and we will succeed of fail, based on the actions of each person," says Noel M. Trichi, the author of The Cycle of Leadership.

The Power of the Relentless Growth Attitude

Establishing an attitude of relentless growth is what enables an organization and its people to achieve their goals. The spirit of relentless growth keeps fresh ideas flowing and reinvigorates your company... More


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Energize Employees

"What energizes people is the broader horizon, the excitement of new challenges and big opportunities. When their leaders offer this excitement, people come alive."5

The one-on-one relationships that individual workers have with their managers, and the trust, respect, and consideration that their managers show toward them on a daily basis are also at the core of an energized workforce.

"Getting the best out of workers is above all a product of the "softer" side of management how individuals are treated, inspired, and challenged to do their best work and the support, resources, and guidance that is provided by managers to help make exceptional employee performance a reality."6... More

"Joy, love and appreciation are powerful motivation. They are feelings that humans experience around the heart. Joy is a feeling of pleasure or delight that arises from the heart. Positive feelings are what make life worth living."  ~ Deborah Rozman






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