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Case Studies GE


Jack Welch advice business quotes

The idea flow from the human spirit is absolutely unlimited. All you have to do is tap into that well.

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Jack Welch



Though many at GE have been good at their jobs, and have been able to motivate and explain, but no one has Jack Welch's ardor. He was GE's number one cheerleader and called himself "the advertising manager of our company." He had the zeal and the optimism and a lexicon of a winning football coach: "exciting", "remarkable", "staggering", "incredible". These are the words Welch employed to describe one of the powerful enterprises in the world.

As W. James McNerney Jr., head of GE Aircraft Engines, noted: "The excitement comes from within him and is extremely contagious. He's a tremendous motivator. He's excited and he gets you excited and you're always moving forward. He keeps it simple. The differentiator between GE and many other companies is that there are more people moving in the same direction and with the same enthusiasm. Jack might like this on his tombstone. 'I wasn't smarter that anyone else, but I helped 270,000 people make me look smarter than most.' "

Stretch Goals

Lead: The genuine leader is someone who can express a vision and then get people to carry it out, says Jack Welch. Create a vision and then ignite your organization to make this vision a reality. Get people so passionate about what they are doing that they cannot wait to execute this plan. Have great energy, competitive spirit and the ability to spark excitement and achieve results... More

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GE Work Out

Work-Out created the spirit of a start-up firm in a large and complex enterprise.

The Work-Out  program was a way to reduce bureaucracy and give every employee, from managers to factory workers, an opportunity to influence and improve GE's day-to-day operations... More

GE Work-Out is being used with dramatic results at hundreds of organizations world wide.  >>>

Case Studies Monsanto

Monsanto was established in 1901 as a chemical giant. During 1995-97, it was undergoing a transformation to prepare itself for the twenty-first century and become a life sciences company.

Robert Shapiro, the CEO of Monsanto, talks about the personalized conversations as perhaps being more important to the company's success than any other single factor: "Through a series of formatted small group conversations (as opposed to traditional workshops), employees are encouraged to discuss the transformation into a life sciences company ‒ the nature of the strategic business opportunities, what it requires for Monsanto to succeed, the desired culture, how to work together, the personal transitions required, and so forth. The idea is to address the issues at the personal level, and thus, create the desired sense of passion in each employee."

Case Studies Silicon Valley Companies: Creating an Inspiring Vision

Silicon Valley leaders keep stretch in their vision and communicate purpose and direction consistently and within multiple contexts. They keep linking the events of today to their vision, underscoring the relationship between the two keep people motivated and focused... More

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Case Studies Silicon Valley: The Fun Factor

Do you really want to know what is deep inside, at the core of Silicon Valley and what makes is tick?

"The truth is ... it's a ball! Hard work combined with hard play at every level, from executive down and back up again."  People don't only work hard, but also have a lot of fun at the same time. And they are not just having fun, but planning it and making it part of their culture. This is the spirit that truly enables relentless innovation and creates innovation-adept culture.



Case Studies Wall-Mart

In his 10 Rules for Building a Business Success, Sam Walton, the Founder of Wall-Mart writes: "Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. A paycheck and a stock option will buy one kind of loyalty. But all of us like to be told how much somebody appreciates what we do for them. We like to hear it often, and especially when we have done something we're really proud of. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They're absolutely free and worth a fortune."... More

Case Studies Fidelity Investments: Practicing Kaizen

Anybody at Fidelity Investments who discovered a way to improve the business gets the same level of support and respect whether they're a company president or a frontline representative. "We value good ideas and constant forward momentum here not titles and ranks," says Johnson, CEO of Fidelity... More