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Culture of Innovation

Align Your Corporate Culture With Your Innovation Objectives


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Five Strategies for Creating a Culture for Innovation

  1. Inspire: Provide an inspiring vision; lead innovation; emphasize opportunities, not problems; trust your people.

  2. Organize: Set rules; create a system, guiding structures and processes supporting innovation and idea management.

  3. Synergize: facilitate cross-pollination of ideas; synergize diversities; create and empower cross-functional teams.

  4. Empower: Create a culture of questioning; encourage risk taking; give your people freedom to experiment, fail, learn from failures, and start again more intelligently.

  5. Reward: Measure progress; reward both individual and collective contributions; celebrate success, make business fun.

Kore 10 Tips

for Creating a Culture for Innovation

Be Specific about What You Want To Change in the Culture

  • What would you change?

  • What would it take to do that?

  • How long would it require?  >>>

  • How could you be successful by breaking the vicious loop where your culture discourages innovation and thus itself cannot be changed?

Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements

Empowered Employees (Metal):



Innovation-friendly Organization

Freedom to Fail

Managing Innovation by Cross-functional Teams

Letting the Best Idea to Win

Winning Corporate Culture

Inspiring Culture

Improving Your Firm's Culture for Greater Innovation Effectiveness

Strategies for Building a Growth Culture

Culture of Questioning

How To Transform Your Business Into an Innovative Culture

Innovation System

Strategic Alignment

Measuring Innovation

Innovation Management

Strategic Innovation >> 7 Dimensions

Loose-Tight Leadership

Lessons from Winners

Culture of Innovation

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  1. Relentless Growth, Christopher Meyer

  2. Radical Innovation, Harvard Business School

  3. it's the FAST that eats the SLOW, J. Jennings and L. Haughton

  4. Driving Growth Through Innovation, Robert B. Tucker

  5. "How To Motivate Every Employee", Anne Bruce

  6. Inspiring Innovation, Ellen Peebles, Harvard Business Review

  7. The Knowing-Doing Gap" Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton

Cultural Change as a Sustained Effort

A corporate culture generally represents the norms, assumptions, shared values, and artifacts within a firm. Establishing the culture of innovation requires a broad and sustained effort. Though changing a company's culture is never easy, with the right leadership, cultures can be reshaped and amazing results can accrue.

25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Establishing an attitude of relentless growth is what enables an organization and its people to achieve their goals. The spirit of relentless growth keeps fresh ideas flowing and reinvigorates your company. Thus, "the primary challenge facing market leaders is to institutionalize an environment where every decision and direction can be constantly and safely reassessed."3

Customer-driven Innovation: 7 Practice Tips

Ingrain customer-driven innovation in your corporate culture and operations so deeply that is becomes a part of DNA of your company... More

Create a Culture of Questioning

"If you have a yes-man in your organization, one of you is redundant."
Colin Powell

Questions are critical to innovation. Questions make you think about new ways of doing things. Exploration of possibilities, discoveries, innovation, and progress start with challenging assumptions, asking searching “Why?” and “What if?” questions, and plying “What if” scenarios.

4 WHYs of True Success

How can you create a culture of questioning? Lead by example start with yourself. Ask lots of questions. Don’t question competence – ask open-ended searching questions instead... More

Jack Welch's 5 Strategic Questions



Motivate Every Employee

Every person has a greater potential than they are exhibiting, and as an inspirational leader, it's your responsibility to maximize their potential and performance and the results of each member of your team. As a new manager, you have great influence on employee motivation. With the right set of techniques you can affect your employees' behaviors right now... More

Harness the Power Diversity

Diversity of thought, background, experience and perception enhance the creativity and innovation.

It was by taking a different view of a traditional business that major innovations were achieved. To find a better creative solution to the current practice, force yourself to reframe the problem, to break down its components and assemble them in a different way... More

Synergize diversities. People with different cultural, educational, scientific, and business backgrounds will bring different frames of reference to a problem and can spark an exciting and dynamic cross-pollination of ideas... More

Brainstorming: 10 Rules

Experimentation: "Ready-Fire-Aim" Culture

Tom Peters talks about going for “ready, fire, aim” as a better approach than “ready, aim, fire.” Don't  take too long procrastinating rather than just getting on with it and treating failures as learning opportunities. Without action, you cannot know whether or not what you are thinking about will actually work.

Sounding smart should not substitute for doing something smart. Actions count more than elegant concepts and plans.

The Magic of Action

Create a corporate culture of “fire” rather than “aim” to send out strong messages about the value of action rather than talk and instill confidence in your people.7... More

The Virtuous Circle of Experimentation

Freedom To Fail

Making mistakes is essential to innovation and organizational growth, as long as systems are developed to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Freedom to fail means a freedom to explore, venture, experiment and succeed in uncharted territory.... More

Noble Failure

The Fun Factor

Do you really want to learn innovation and know what is deep inside, at the core of successful innovation ecosystems like Silicon Valley? "The truth is ... it's a ball! Hard work combined with hard play at every level, from executive down and back up again."1  People don't only work hard, but also have a lot of fun at the same time. And they are not just having fun, but planning it and making it part of their culture. This is the spirit that truly enables relentless innovation and creates innovation-adept culture...More

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Guiding Principles

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