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Creating a Company Composed of Independent Owners

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"How we manage to maintain the attitude of a challenger, even as we continue to grow at record speeds? Culture is, by far, one of the most enigmatic facets of management that I've encountered. The best way I know to establish and maintain a healthy, competitive culture is to partner with your people through shared objectives and a common strategy," says Michael Dell, the Founder of the Dell Inc.

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Inspiring Culture: 5 Elements

"It's one thing to create a culture that works. It's another to use that culture to create a measurable strategic advantage. At Dell, much of our success can be attributed to our people. But it's not enough to just hire well. You need to engender a sense of personal investment in all your employees which comes down to three things:

❶ responsibility

❷ accountability, and

❸ shared success.

Inspiring People: 4 Strategies

Employee Empowerment: Yin-Yang Balance



"Creating a culture in which every person in your organization, at every level, thinks and acts like an owner means that you need to aim individual performance with your company's most important objectives. For us, that means we mobilize everyone around creating the best possible customer experience and enhancing shareholder value and we use specific quantitative measurements of our progress toward those goals that apply to every employee's performance. A company composed of individual owners is less focused on hierarchy and who has the nicest office, and more intent on achieving their goals. At Dell, everyone's an owner."... More