The Tree of Online Success

Dell Computers won business on price, but the company provides also high-quality products and services and maintains partner relationships with their customers. Actually, Dell Computers have found that the pricing was only one-third of their customers' decision-making process; the other two-thirds represented service and support... More

Customer Value Creation: Yin-Yang Strategies

"Mobilize your people around a singe goal. All of our experimenting and questioning and learning is done in pursuit of one goal: finding the next frontier of value that we can create for our customers," says Michael Dell, Founder of Dell Computers. ... More

Creating Customer Value: 9 Questions

Dell Computer's climb to market leadership is the result of a persistent focus on delivering the best possible customer experience by directly selling computing products and services online and through catalogs.

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

However, Dell has had a practical limitation on line as customers can only look at pictures and cannot benefit from the product demonstration and interaction that is provided in the store environment. Furthermore, customer support was very costly, as it requires normally personal interaction.

Dell's vision was to create an on line experience that combined the best of class interactive experience with respect to product demonstration and visual realism with Dell's leading online sales approach.

Yin-Yang of Value Innovation

Customer Value Proposition

EON Reality Product Solution could meet all these requirements. EON was able to revolutionize the buying experience on line by providing customers with an easy way to access the information they need to know in order to make a decision on line. 

Sell Benefits

Selling Is Problem Solving

Already after the initial 90 days of implementing the EON solution Dell's on line viewing was 49% higher, for the EON converted products compared with other e-Retail sites during the same launch period. EON improved customer satisfaction and retention, resulting in enhanced aftermarket and sales revenues.

Customer Success 360

 "It is like having the product in front of you and the best sales person by your side," says Michael B. Berman, Product Manager Dell... More


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The Tree of Online Success

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