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The Essence of Empowerment

"He who has power over others, cannot empower himself." ~ Tao Te Ching

The real employee empowerment is not about delegation. It is about involvement of inspired employees and unleashing their power.

Treat employees as owners, develop them, inspire and energize them, provide resources and growth opportunities.


People Power

Find the Right Fit for Every Employee


Employee Empowerment


10 Steps




Yin: Receiving

▪ Help your people to get rid of 'employee' mentality

Treat all employees as owners

Empathize, share their feelings

Listen to your people, solicit employee feedback

Implement their promising ideas




Yang: Giving

Inspire, challenge imagination

▪ Encourage, energize, coach

Delegate authority and provide resources

▪ Help employees grow as self-leaders

Motivate − provide incentives and growth opportunities




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Winning Organization





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Happy Business

Passionate Team

High LQ Culture

No-blame Culture    Fun

Sources of Competitive Advantage

Harness Your People

Celebrate and Leverage Diversity    Trust





I just wanted to let you know that I happened to run across your web site by accident − and, I love it! Our organization was designed to teach managers how to manage and leaders how to lead.  Your web site offers a lot of great ideas.  Thank you for all you do!

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