Employee Self-Leadership the Key to Success in the New Economy

Self-leadership is an extensive set of strategies focused on the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that we use to exert influence over ourselves.



In the new economy, given the rapid change, complexity, high-tech autonomous work roles and employee empowerment in the knowledge-based enterprises, the new organizational structures are typically run by people who demand a different kind of Culture  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book than the old command-and-control format.

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Today, people are better educated and demand from their jobs more entrusted responsibilities and opportunities for personal growth, not just a paycheck. Talented and empowered employees are the prime ingredient of organizational success and they need to be able to lead themselves.




Empowered Self-Leadership

The highest performing organizations have a theory and practice of leadership and intrapreneurship that subscribes to and promotes the concept that leadership is encouraged and  opportunities for entrepreneurial action exist at all levels within the organization.



With super-leadership,
followers are treated as
and become self-leaders.

Even the lowest-ranked staff within an organization assume entrepreneurial leadership for their responsibilities and beyond.

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Employee Empowerment

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