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What is SuperLeadership?

Superleadership is Leadership that inspires organizational success by showing followers how to lead themselves.



SuperLeadership is a new form of leadership for the era of knowledge-based enterprises distinguished by flat organizational structures and Employee Empowerment. A super-leader is one who leads others to lead themselves through designing and implementing the system that allows and teaches employees to be self-leaders.

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Super-leaders help each of their followers to develop into an effective self-leader by providing them with the behavioral and cognitive skills necessary to exercise self-leadership. "Super-leaders establish shared values, model, encourage, reward, and in many other ways foster self-leadership in individuals, teams Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, and wider organizational cultures  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book," write Charles C. Manz and Henry P. Sims, Jr. in their book The New Superleadership.




Why SuperLeadership?

"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." ~ Ralph Nader

As an impactful superleader, you must know how to successfully influence the way people influence and coach themselves. If you are successful in empowering, inspiring, providing strategic alignment, energizing and coaching people, they develop followers who are productive, work independently, and need only minimal attention from the superleader.

An important measure of a leader's own success is the success of his or her followers.

The Tao of Leadership

The strength of a leader is measured by the ability to facilitate the self-leadership of others. The first critical step towards this goal is to master self-leadership. If leaders want to lead somebody, they must first lead themselves.  >>>





Empowered Self-Leadership

The highest performing organizations have a theory and practice of leadership and intrapreneurship that subscribes to and promotes the concept that leadership is encouraged and  opportunities for entrepreneurial action exist at all levels within the organization. With super-leadership, followers are treated as and become self-leaders... More


Key Benefits of SuperLeadership







Example: Jack Welch as a SuperLeader



Running the mighty GE enterprise, with its twelve major businesses, Jack Welch didn't seem like a traditional manager. He seemed more like a superleader: "I have no idea how to produce a good TV program and just as little about how to build an engine...My job is to chose the best people and to provide them with dollars. That's how the game is played."

Jack Welch abandoned the old practice of setting goals for GE's business leaders. "Now, we don't reward them according to whether or not they reach their objectives. They're all going to get paid on their improvement, and they know that. In bureaucratic companies, they waste a lot of time on making budgets. They waste energy. The world is changing quickly. We can't afford to waste time in bureaucracy. GE is an informal company. We trust each other."... More




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