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25 Lessons from Jack Welch


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Put Values First

Anyone at your company who adheres to these values is going to automatically help in the overall effort to produce the good numbers that you strive for.


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Playing up the soft stuff is a key to taking your company to even greater heights in the future.

If you can get your people to come up with the right business values and integrate them into their behavior your financial record will be fine.


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Jack Welch advice business quotes

If you can't come to a fast decision, and you can't get everybody in the game quickly, then you don't have the right values.

Jack Welch



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Leaders who adhere to your corporate values should be expected to create a clear, simple, reality-based, customer-focused vision; they should be supposed to have a passion for excellence; to stimulate and relish change; to have enormous energy and energize others.





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