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Adapted from Jack Welch and the GE Way, Robert Slater


Jack Welch's goal was to make GE "the world's most competitive enterprise."

He knew that it would take nothing less than a "revolution" to transform that dream into a reality.

"The model of business in corporate America in 1980 had not changed in decades. Workers worked, managers managed, and everyone new their place. Forms and approvals and bureaucracy ruled the day." Welch's self-proclaimed revolution meant waging war on GE's old ways of doing things and reinventing the company from top to bottom.

Jack Welch is all about leadership, not management. Actually, he wanted to discard the term "manager" altogether because it had come to mean someone who "controls rather than facilitates, complicates rather than simplifies, acts more like a governor than an accelerator." Welch has given a great of thought to how to manage employees effectively so that they are as productive as possible. An he has come to a seemingly paradoxical view. The less managing you do the better off your company. Manage less to manage more.

Welch decided that GE's leaders, who did too much controlling and monitoring, had to change their management styles. "Managers slow things down. Leaders spark the business to run smoothly, quickly. Managers talk to one another, write memos to one another. Leaders talk to their employees, talk with their employees, filling them with Vision, getting them to perform at levels the employees themselves didn't think possible. Then (and to Welch this is a critical ingredient) they simply get out of the way."

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