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New Product Development

New Product Development (NPD): Best Practices

10 Characteristics of the Most Successful Companies


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  1. Market innovators, develop new market segments

  2. Top management supports product innovation and new product development consistently and effectively

Customer Focus

  1. Love your customers, practice customer-focused innovation; conduct customer need identification research

  2. Solicit customer input prior to product idea generation

  3. Observe prospective customers to discover their hidden needs

  4. Involve customers as partners in the process of new product development

Innovation Process

  1. Establish a jazz-like innovation process

  2. Practice loose-tight leadership style; use effective inventive thinking and fast idea assessment techniques

  3. Encourage risk taking as noble failures are stepping stones to success

  4. Start small, build prototypes, test market their new product, learn from customer feedback, and adapt

New Product Development (NPD)

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