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How to create a great name for your company / product

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Brand Name - how to create a great name for a company or product  

Company Name

People want to buy from companies with good names. To achieve an identity in the market place, the selection and protection of the brand name should be treated as a live-or-die decision.





Company Name

Here are some consideration in choosing a name:

▪ The name should not be generic, it should be remarkable.

▪ Simple is better than complicated.

▪ Shorter names are better than longer ones.

▪ Light, upbeat and cheerful names are better than heavy, pretentious and bland names.

▪ The corresponding domain name for your website must be available for purchase.

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Product Name

Having the right name is as important as having the right product. A well differentiated name helps your product to stand out from the pack and be noticed. Good names instantly communicate the core distinctive feature of a product, trigger emotions and create an impact.

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You can also tell what your product is or does within the name itself; you can suggest or state the key benefits. In retail sector, products often achieve a high level of recognition when named for a person and accompanied by an image of that person. When possible, your product name should also say something about the product, for example, ‘Paco’s Spellbinding Guitars’ or 'KoRe Courses'.


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