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Brand Name

How To Create a Great Name for Your Company of Product


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Brand Name - how to create a great name for a company or product


Company Name

People want to buy from companies with good names. To achieve an identity in the market place, the selection of a brand name should be treated as a live-or-die decision.  >>>

Differentiation Strategies

Below are some consideration in choosing a name:

  • The name should not be generic, it should be remarkable.

  • Simple is better than complicated.

  • Shorter names are better than longer ones.

  • Light, upbeat and cheerful names are better than heavy, pretentious and bland names.

  • The corresponding domain name for your website must be available for purchase.  >>>


Product Name

Having the right name is as important as having the right Product Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book. A well differentiated name helps your product to stand out from the pack and be noticed. Good names instantly communicate the core distinctive feature of a product, trigger emotions and create an impact.

Great Slogan: WOW Principle and 7 Features

You can also tell what your product is or does within the name itself; you can suggest or state the key benefits. In retail sector, products often achieve a high level of recognition when named for a person and accompanied by an image of that person. When possible, your product name should also say something about the product, for example, ‘Paco’s Spellbinding Guitars’.  >>>