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Adapted from:
Changing Strategic Direction
Peter Skat-Rørdam


 Design Thinking helps entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and managers to create more user-centered products and services, and to spawn desirability in customers.

Design thinking alone falls short in creating a sustainable business model however. Business Design, enhanced by Strategic Business Design, is the solution.

"The business model has always been an important part of doing business, but recently the designing of businesses got a new urgency. It is the advance of startups, quickly changing markets, and evolving technological possibilities that make it ever more important to develop innovative business models and rethink traditional ones. These circumstances shorten the time that old business models can stay viable. Today there are technological opportunities that enable lean implementation of business models and make them change too fast for the long cycles of traditional R&D.

Business Design provides the tools and methods to develop and test a business model. At the same time it makes the difference between a service that is just a marketing stunt and one that is a sustainable business."

"Business Design …

  1. is the application of design methods and processes on the development and innovation of business models.

  2. is about value creation and value capturing.

  3. transforms a value proposition into real business value.

  4. making sense of new value creation by thinking in relations."

Business Design: Three Dimensions

Strategic Business Design

Vision & Mission, Customer Focus, Brand Attributes, Systemic Innovation 360, Sustainability, Strategic Flexibility

Business Model

Value Innovation, Value Chain Structure, Customer Value Proposition, Customer Acquisition Strategies, Competitive Strategies, Revenue Model, Growth Strategies


People, Organization, Systems, Processes, Profitability



"The Business Design process
Business Design is foremost a new systematic approach. It is based on articulating assumptions, testing with prototypes, iteration and fast learning. Usually we follow these three steps:

Understand the market, its players, constituents and forces; translate cross-industry best practices and articulate assumptions.
Develop a business model prototype, evaluate it and identify the most critical assumptions.
Test your model, learn, and iterate.
In our daily work we closely collaborate in teams with service designers and software developers to deeply integrate our business model with the value proposition of our product.

Business Design provides a perspective to entrepreneurs and managers to think creatively about their business model and develop it further. The systematic approach allows to test the viability of new ideas with few resources. In the future this will be the critical competence that decides on success in an accelerating market."

At the same time, Business Design is still a developing field. Join the discussion and tell us in the comments:


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