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Competitive Differentiation

How To Stand Out from the Competition in the Mind of Your Prospects


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Differentiation Strategies


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Stand Out from the Competition Stand Out from the Competition Be the Best Possible The Law of Leadership Vadim Kotelnikov Disruptive Innopreneur Be Remarkable Stand Out from the Competition - how to 3 stratgeies best first remarkable, Vadim Kotelnikov



Differentiation  >>  Ideas    4 Steps

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Why Google+ lost competition to Facebook

Belated start, weak competitive differentiation strategy.

Having started too late, Google+ pursued a 'me-too' strategy instead of creating radically innovative and much higher user value.

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Creative Marketing: Stand from the Crowd, emfographic




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Differentiating With Different Types of People

Love Your Customers  >>  Innovation is Love

Customer Service as a Powerful Differentiator



Akio Morita advice quotes Sony

To break through to a highly competitive market, you have to offer something different, something that nobody else is selling.

Akio Morita