Competitive Strategies:

Marketing Strategies

Differentiation Strategy

Help Your Customers To Distinguish Your Brand From Competitors



What Is Differentiation?

Differentiation is about setting your company, product, or service apart. It distinguishes your brand from all others.


Why Differentiate?

Differentiation is the key to successful marketing, competing, and building your sustainable competitive advantage. A superior product or service means nothing without a way of somehow letting your prospective customers know about it.

How To Differentiate?

Your differentness can be any customer benefit that separates you from your competitors. You must find that difference and communicate it to your customer.

Differentiation Strategy Defined

Your differentiation strategy is an integrated set of action designed to produce or deliver goods or services that customers perceive as being different in ways that are important to them. It calls for you to sell nonstandardized products to customers with unique needs... More