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Strategic Brand Management involves the design and implementation of differentiation,  positioning and marketing programs and activities to build, manage and manage brand attributes, brand appeal and brand equity in order to improve the long-term profitability of the brand strategies

Sustainable Business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Green Business are examples of strategic initiatives that contributes to a brand's reputation.



Strategic Brand Management Process: Four Steps

Identifying and establishing  brand positioning and values

Planning and implementing brand marketing programs

Measuring and interpreting brand performance

Growing and sustaining brand equity

What You Must Know About Strategic Brand Management

  • The role of brands, the concept of brand equity, and the advantages of creating strong brands

  • The three main ways to build brand equity by

    • properly choosing brand elements,

    • supporting marketing programs, and

    • leveraging secondary associations

  • Different approaches to measure brand equity and how to implement a brand equity measurement system

  • Alternative branding strategies and how to devise brand hierarchies and brand portfolios

  • The role of corporate brands, individual brands, family brands, and brand modifiers and how they can be combined into sub-brands

  • How to adjust branding strategies over time and geographic boundaries to maximize brand equity

  • How to build brands in the age of the organized consumer

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In today's overcomunicated World and overcrowded marketplace, being just excellent is not enough. You must also be remarkable and and rememberable. You must create your personal brand... >>>

Business e-Coach KoRe 10 Branding Story

The widely used Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Toolset was not branded initially. 'Kore' stand for 'KOtelnikov's REceipt'. This name was suggested by my Singapore-based partner. He wrote, "Since you have to define it for your usage, then it is better to make up your own word. It is removes the confusion that is likely if someone sees the word and not your definition."... >>>

Case Studies Asian Home Gourmet

To stand out from the crowd and survive in Asia, let alone globally, the brand has to somehow convince the consumer that it is different and better. The brand strengths include personality; a combination of features and attributes; rational, emotional, and aspirational positioning strategies; excellent use of animation in demonstrating brand values... More

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Invented and launched in 2001, Business e-Coach was the first free online business education resource. The slogan "We don't teach we inspire!" differentiated Business e-Coach strategically from traditional educational brands for decades.




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