Idea Management:

Fast Decision Making Techniques

Idea Evaluation by Weighted Criteria

Simple and Very Effective Technique for Evaluation of Innovative Ideas

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach Inspiration and Innovation Unlimited!


"A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds."

~ Mark Twain

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Develop Effective Evaluation Criteria

This simple and effective technique can be used by individuals or by groups of decision makers for fast evaluation of innovative ideas.


First and foremost, you must develop effective idea evaluation criteria. brainstorming a broad list of criteria by which you wish to evaluate innovative ideas or any proposed new course of action for your business. Your corporate vision, competitive strategies and guiding principles will help you streamline this brainstorming session. Having generated a lot of criteria, select 20 most important ones. Then narrow this list down to 5 or 10 by combining sister criteria or deleting weaker ones.

Define the Evaluation Process

Having finalized the list of criteria, weight them according to their importance to your business.

To evaluate an idea, rate how well it meets each criterion. The highest rating of 10 would indicate the idea perfectly meets that criterion. A rating of 0 would indicate the idea does not meet that criterion in any way whatsoever.

The following formula is used to calculate the total idea rating:

Sum of weighted ratings / Highest possible total score 100%

Generally, scores of 80% or higher indicate the idea is very valuable and worth taking further.

Make Your Idea Management Process Leaner

Now, you have an easy-to-use and very effective strategic tool for idea evaluation. Communicate it to your people. Everybody in your organization should know what criteria are used for evaluation of innovative ideas. Creative thinkers should also be able to evaluate their ideas themselves before submitting them to decision makers. This will make the idea generation process more focused and increase the quality of ideas submitted to decision makers for evaluation. The whole idea management process will become much leaner.

It will be easier to get gold out of the sand as there will be less sand and more gold in it.

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