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Organizational Culture

Achieving Higher Results Through Sustaining Employees' Focus on What To Do and How To Do It


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Winning Corporate Culture



Building a Team Culture

10 Action Areas

❶  Provide inspiring vision

❷  Define shared values

❸  Set stretch goals.

Customer-driven Innovation

7 Practice Tips

  • Ingrain customer-driven innovation in your corporate culture and operations so deeply that is becomes a part of DNA of your company.... More

Transform Your Business into an

Innovative and Creative Culture

5 Strategies for creating a Culture for Innovation


5 Strategies for creating a Culture of Questioning

What is Corporate Culture?

"A company's culture is often buried so deeply inside rituals, assumptions, attitudes, and values that it becomes transparent to an organization's members only when, for some reason, it changes." ~ Rob Goffee

Culture refers to an organization's shared values, beliefs, and behaviors. In general, it is concerned with beliefs and values on the basis of which people interpret experiences and behave, individually and in groups.

Cultural statements become operationalized when executives articulate and publish the values of their firm which provide patterns for how employees should behave.

Firms with strong cultures achieve higher results because employees sustain focus both on what to do and how to do it.

9 Signs of a Losing Organization

❸  Discouraging Culture: no shared values; lack of trust; blame culture; focus on problems, not opportunities; diversity is not celebrated; failures are not tolerated; people lose confidence in their leaders and systems... More

Inspiring Culture

Do you want to encourage extraordinary performance from your people?  Do you want them to do great things? If yes, then you must create an inspiring corporate culture to inspire and energize them... More

Competitive Culture

Based on The Art of War, Sun Tzu

Competitive philosophy is described by Sun Tzu as "The Way" or "The Path." In business, it is called "corporate culture" or, as an focus, the "company mission." Your core as competitor is your competitive philosophy. A clear philosophy makes decision-making easier. Philosophy guides everything else you do in competition. Nothing is as important as having the right way of thinking. A competitor with a strong philosophy is a strong competitor. Understanding your competitor's philosophy allows you to predict them.

Kaizen Culture

Kaizen, or continuous improvement, is an integral part of corporate culture. It requires continuous both conscious and sub-conscious thinking about improvements from everyone. Nurturing and effectively integrating Kaizen into corporate culture is not easy. It requires a sustained effort. But, as Toyota has demonstrated, it offers a more sustainable competitive advantage... More

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is your capability to grow personally through continuous learning and good understanding of diverse cultural heritage, wisdom and values, and to deal effectively with people from different cultural background and understanding... More



Case Studies 25 Lessons from Jack Welch

At GE, corporate values are so important to the company, that Jack Welch, the former legendary CEO of the company, had them inscribed and distributed to all GE employees, at every level of the company.

The sum is greater than its parts at GE as both business and people diversity is utilized in a most effective way. A major American enterprise with a diverse group of huge businesses, GE is steeped in a learning culture and it is this fact that makes GE a unique company.

As Jack Welch puts it: "What sets GE apart is a culture that uses diversity as a limitless source of learning opportunities, a storehouse of ideas whose breadth and richness is unmatched in world business. At the heart of this culture is an understanding that an organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage."



Jack Welch advice business quotes

Culture drives great results.

Jack Welch



Steve Jobs advice quotes

Building a very strong company and a very strong foundation of talent and culture in a company is essential to making great products.

Steve Jobs




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