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Kaizen Culture (Continuous Improvement Culture)

3 Pillars: Top Management Commitment, Kaizen Mindset, Motivation and Recognition

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

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"If you're not getting better, you're getting worse."

~ Pat Riley

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Kaizen and Corporate Culture

Kaizen is an integral part of a corporate culture of a Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF).

Nurturing and effectively integrating Kaizen into corporate culture is not easy. Top Management commitment and leadership by example is absolutely necessary. If managers don’t have time for Kaizen then neither will their employees. Building a Kaizen culture has to be central to the way your organization works, not something to do if or when you have the time. It requires a sustained effort. But, as Toyota has demonstrated, Kaizen offers a more sustained competitive advantage. It also fosters a culture of learning and experimentation without judgment and blame, with all workers understanding that their opinions are important and useful to the overall system.

Involve Everyone

A Kaizen culture is set by example, is enabled using a common method and is nurtured by recognizing achievements, and building upon the resulting learning. Kaizen is something that everyone in your organization can and should take part in, from the head of the organization and the shareholders all the way down to the janitors.

 Case in Point  Unipart

The Unipart Group of companies in the UK makes and distributes automotive components.

From the beginning the initiative aimed at establishing a Kaizen culture in the group has been led by the Chief Executive, who teaches regularly in the company university, reviews progress on the shop floor of their many operations and attends every one of their monthly recognition ceremonies.

Unipart created and branded their Kaizen program, which encourages and facilitates continuous improvement across the group, using a common reporting methodology. They also found and developed lean experts from within the group who could teach and support all aspects of continuous improvement.

Every improvement activity is entered into a group wide intranet database, searchable by topic. This is an invaluable resource base enabling anyone in their widely dispersed locations around the world to learn whether someone had already found a solution to this or a similar problem. It also shows who solved the problem, what tools they used and which internal experts taught them and how they went about solving it.3

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