Understand the distinctive characteristics and key features of lean production and build on your company's core competencies to develop your own way.

Make the lean approach inspiring and mandatory. Lead by example – demonstrate your long-term commitment to lean approaches, systems and processes. Use internal inefficiencies and external threats to establish a creative dissatisfaction mindset and prompt a lean movement.

Nurture the Kaizen mindset − a continuous improvement mindset aimed at continuous improvement (Kaizen) through identification and radical or incremental removal of non-value-adding activities (wastes).  >>>



Look for big gains. Empower employees and encourage them to be opportunistic and intrapreneurial in identifying and pursuing opportunities for radical improvements (Kaikaku).

Use experts for teaching and getting quick results. Learn by doing first and training second. Begin with action in the value chain and then follow quickly with cultural change.

Organize over value streams. Use value stream mapping to develop future state visions and help people to visualize the desired results. Start with value stream pilots. Establish a model “go and see” workshop and ensure that what is going on in the workshop is readily visible and understandable.



Use Kaizen workshops to teach and make rapid changes.  >>>

Don’t push, pull. Produce the necessary items just-in-time (JIT).  >>>

Realign metrics with value streams perspective.

Hire or develop lean leaders and develop a succession system.




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