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CIF & Kaizen


James Womack and Daniel Jones, the authors of "Lean Thinking"



Specify Value

Value is defined by the ultimate customerís needs through tools such as value management, quality function deployment and simulation.

10 Lessons from Konosuke Matsushita

Customer-focused Culture



Identify and Map the Value Stream

The value stream identifies all those steps required to make a product. Identifying value stream, the way value is realized, establishes when and how decisions are to be made. The key technique behind value stream is process mapping for a very specific reason: that of understanding how value is built into the building product from clientís point of view.




Flows are characterized by time, cost and value. Resources (labor, material and construction equipment) and information flows are the basic units of analysis


At a strategic level, pull identifies the real need to deliver the product to the customer as soon as he needs it.




To achieve perfection means constantly considering what is being done; how it is being done and harnessing the expertise and knowledge of all those involved in the processes to improve and change it. With continuous improvement done and with waste eliminated along the flow process, perfection is the ultimate sweet reward that companies can achieve.