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CIF & Kaizen


Characteristics of Lean Manufacturing Systems







Kaizen mindset, Kaizen principles and Kaizen culture.

Integrated single piece continuous workflow.

Close integration of the whole value chain from raw material to finished product through partnership oriented relations with suppliers and distributors.


Just-in-time processing: a part moves to a production operation, is processed immediately, and moves immediately to the next operation.


Short order-to-ship cycles times; small batch production capability that is synchronized to shipping schedules.


Production is based on orders rather than forecasts; production planning is driven by customer demand or "pull" and not to suit machine loading or inflexible work flows on the shop floor.




Minimal inventories at each stage of the production process.


Quick changeovers of machines and equipment allow different products to be produced with one-piece flow in small batches


Total quality control. Active involvement by workers in trouble shooting and problem solving to improve quality and eliminate wastes.




Layout is based on product flow.


Defect prevention rather than inspection and rework by building quality in the process and implementing real time quality feedback procedures.


Team-based work organizations with multi skilled operators empowered to make decisions and improve operations with few indirect staff.