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Develop your core competencies in a systemic and synergistic way, and not just as a series of separate unrelated activities.




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Core Competencies - definition, characteristics, benefits




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Defining Your Core Competences

Three Main Characteristics

❶ They should make a disproportional contribution to stakeholder value

❷ They should open doors to other opportunities

❸ They should represent such a unique blend of tacit and explicit knowledge that it cannot be copied by competitors

What Does the Core Competence Achieve?

❶ Enables the creation of new products and services that provide potential access to a wide variety of markets.

❷ Makes a significant contribution to the customer value and enables a business to deliver a fundamental customer benefits the perceived customer benefits of the end product.

❸ Helps create sustainable competitive advantage as it is competitively unique and difficult for competitors to imitate.

Individual Competencies vs. Core Competencies

Individual competencies stand alone and are generally considered in isolation.  >>>

Core competencies are harmonized, intentional constructions. They are more than the traits of individuals. Capabilities are considered to be distinctive if they differentiate a company strategically. Core competencies are aggregates of capabilities, where synergy is created that has sustainable value and broad applicability. That synergy needs to be sustained in the face of potential competition and must not be specific to one product or market.

The Framework for a Growth Strategy: Four Rules

Eight Attributes of Business Success

  • Emphasis on doing what they know best ("sticking to the knitting")... More

7 Dimensions of Strategic Innovation

  • Core Technologies and Competencies leveraging and extending corporate assets... More


What: is Core Competency?

Core competencies are the most significant value creating skills within your corporation and key areas of expertise which are distinctive to your company and critical to the company's long term success and sustainable growth. Your company's core competencies are the things that you can do better than your competitors in the critical, central areas of your company where the most value is added to your products. These areas of expertise and corporate capabilities may be in any area from product development to employee dedication.

"A core competency is an area of specialized expertise that is the result of harmonizing complex streams of technology and work activity." ~ C.K.Prahalad

A competence which is central to your business's operations but which is not exceptional in some way should not be considered as a core competence, as it will not generate a differentiated advantage over rival businesses. Resources that are standardized or easily available will not enable a business to achieve a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book over rivals.

Core Competence vs. Competitive Advantage

If a core competence yields a long term advantage to the company, it is said to be a sustainable competitive advantage.

Build Synergies

Master of Business Synergies Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

A corporation that builds on core competencies utilizes skills that combine to strengthen value chains and build greater competitive advantages. This leads to synergies among business units, whereby they become more productive together than independently.  >>>

Core Competence as a Team Sport

A core competence is a combination of complementary skills and knowledge bases embedded in a group or team that taken together makes it possible to provide a superior product.  >>>

Employee Empowerment

10 Commandments of Innovation

Have a Dream. Focus on your core competences and competitive advantage... More

Case Studies Tesco

Tesco was very successful in capturing leadership of the market for online grocery shopping due to the following core competencies that mean customer value the experience so highly... More




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