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5 Criteria of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  1. Unique

  2. Difficult to replicate

  3. Superior to competition

  4. Sustainable

  5. Applicable to multiple situations... More

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Porters Three Parts of Competitive Advantage

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) - allows the maintenance and improvement of the enterprise's competitive position in the market... More

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Sources of Competitive Advantage

Synergistic Innovations

Synergize Diversities

Synergistic Partnerships

Synergistic Marketing

Barriers To Entry

Trust as a Source of Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage: USA vs. Japanese Firms

Transform Your Business From Mediocre To Great: 7 Principles

Own Your Competitive Advantage

Make Your Competition Irrelevant


Lessons from Winners

Be Different!

Differentiation Strategies

Cross-functional Innovation Teams

7-Part Competitive Strategy of Microsoft

GE: Harness Your People for Competitive Advantage

Success Stories Best Business Practices Warren Buffet's Investment Criteria

When asked what was the most important thing he looked for when evaluating a company to invest in, Warren Buffett replied without hesitation, "Sustainable competitive advantage... More

Sustainable Competitive Advantage  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Winning and Retaining Customers

Your sustainable competitive advantage ‒ the unique and valuable benefits that no one else can give your customerhelps you to differentiate yourself and your product or service from that of your competitors and develop a successful Customer Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book base... More

Own Your Competitive Advantage

You will never lead in innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book or be faster to market than your competition if you depend on other for your core technology.

While, according to the new standard operating procedures (SOP) and 80/20 Principle it is advisable to get rid of and outsource everything that isn't vital to your core business, make sure that, while doing so, you don't "toss the baby out with the bathwater". Every business can and should own one or several competitive advantages the difficulty is figuring out what they are... More

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Success Stories Best Business Practices GE

Behave Like a Small Company

Jack Welch, the legendary leader of GE, believed that small companies have huge competitive advantages. They "are uncluttered, simple, informal. They thrive on passion and ridicule bureaucracy. Small companies grow on good ideas regardless of their source. They need everyone, involve everyone, and reward or remove people based on their contribution to winning. Small companies dream big dreams and set the bar high  increments and fractions don't interest them."... More