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25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Articulate Your Vision

Eliminate Bureaucracy    Live Speed

Put Values First

Harness Your People for Competitive Advantage

Make Everybody a Team Player

See Change as an Opportunity    Get Less Formal

3Ss of Winning in Business

6 Features of a Really Great Company

GE Leadership Effectiveness Survey (LES)

Using the Best Practice at GE: The Trotter Scorecard

Modern SMEs

Strengths and Weaknesses

Solve Niche Problems with Customized Solutions

Innovation-friendly Organization

Get Rid of Bureaucracy    Flat Organizational Structure

Inspiring People

Best Practices

Jack Welch, CEO, GE a Corporate Leader

GE: Creating an Extraordinary Organization    GE Work-Out

Jack Welch Fires an Ineffective Business Architect

Six Sigma Implementation at GE

Jack Welch, the legendary leader of GE, believed that sleek companies have huge competitive advantages.


  • Dream big dreams and set the bar high  increments and fractions don't interest them

  • Thrive on passion and ridicule bureaucracy

  • Are uncluttered, simple, informal

  • Grow on good ideas regardless of their source

  • Need everyone, involve everyone, and reward or remove people based on their contribution to winning

  • Communicate better. Without the din and prattle of bureaucracy, people listen as well as talk; and since there are fewer of them they generally know and understand each other.

  • Move faster. They know the penalties for hesitation in the marketplace.

  • Are more transparent. In small companies, with fewer layers and less camouflage, the leaders show up very clearly on the screen. Their performance and its impact are clear to everyone.

  • Waste less. Small companies spend less time in endless reviews and approvals and politics and paper drills. They have fewer people; therefore they only do the important things. Their people are free to direct their energy and attention toward the marketplace rather than fighting bureaucracy.




Jack Ma quotes

Small companies have dreams. Most of the big companies when they get to a certain size, they only have KPI.

Jack Ma