Smaller and mid-sized organizations pride themselves on being nimble quick to respond and to seize opportunities. Many believe smaller size is more manageable; and that internal communications in a smaller group can be maintained so employees can take ownership of more than their own corner of the enterprise. One key to success is maximizing resources and discovering inventive ways to overcome budget limitations. Another trend is moving from a PUSH system building to forecasts to a Pull system, building in response to orders.


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Spectra-Physics in Eugene, Oregon, manufactures supermarket scanners that read bar codes. It does not enjoy some of the corporate support structures its competition  has, so Spectra-Physics learned to uncover and take advantage of previously overlooked resources. These include learning from customers and suppliers and finding peer companies in other industries interested in exchanging ideas. Spectra-Physics certifies experienced associates the way many manufacturers certify suppliers. These certified associates are called on as trainers.


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Williams Technologies of Summerville, South Carolina, carved a niche for itself in low volume, mixed model remanufacturing of automatic transmissions. To achieve the flexibility required to make mixed model production work, Williams Technologies developed a computerized shop floor control system. Build sheets with visual parts presentation are displayed on monitors all along the line.


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Mobilite by Invacare produces home care patient beds in Sanford, Florida. Mobilite redesigned its manufacturing process for competitive advantage. It moved from batch processes to focused factory lines, minimizing the space between operations. This led to one piece part flow, reducing work in process and keeping just in time inventory moving through the lines. Mobilite takes care to match training to the business plan >>>

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