By: Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo Vadim Kotelnikov


  1. Begin with action in the technical system and then follow quickly with cultural change.

  2. Learn by doing first and training second.

  3. Start with value stream pilots to demonstrate lean as a system and provide a "go see model".

  4. Use value stream mapping to develop future state visions and help "learn to see".

  5. Use Kaizen workshops to teach and make rapid changes.

  6. Organize over value streams.

  7. Make it mandatory.

  8. A crisis may prompt a lean movement, but may not be necessary to turn the company around.

  9. Be opportunistic in identifying opportunities for big financial impacts.

  10. Realign metrics with value streams perspective.

  11. Build on your company's roots to develop your own way.

  12. Hire or develop lean leaders and develop a succession system.

  13. Use experts for teaching an getting quick results.



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