Disruption Strategy

Disruption is a force that every industry leader needs to embrace.

A proactive disruption strategy can put your firm ahead of your competitors in years to come. Adopt a disruption mindset and launch a crusade.


Surprise to Win



"People will work hard for money but will give their life for meaning." ~ Dave Pottruck

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Eight Criteria for a Cause Big Enough for a Crusade

By: Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton1

  1. Causes are never goals: Goals can be achieved, and when it finally happens, the enthusiasm wanes

  2. Causes come from the heart, not from the mind: Causes appeal to the emotional man

  3. Causes are big, bold, and aspirational: If you want to move organization from 'what is' towards 'what you want', the cause should be able to attract the kind of great talents who want to move fast

  4. Causes are inclusive: They speak to and include everyone in the organization

  5. Causes aren't just about money: Money can make people work harder, but will not ignite them

  6. Causes have an Aha! effect: A crusade cannot be built around a cause that requires lengthy explanation

  7. A cause needn't be credible to the outside world: It needs to be believed by the people inside the organization

  8. Causes are expressed in few words: Simple words go straight to the heart.


Cause the Real Reason Your Business Exists

Cause is that which gives rise to an action, a motive, a principle, a belief and purpose. A cause is the real reason your business exists, it answers the question "Why we are really doing this?". "A cause provides a feeling of belonging, a sense of purpose and loyalty, peer pressure to perform, and a catalyst for action."1



Examples of Winning Causes

  • Innompic Games

  • Walt Disney's: "To build a place to make people happy."  >>>

  • Business e-Coach: "To create an environment inspiring entrepreneurial creativity and innovation."  >>>

  • Fun4Biz: "To develop an enjoyable entrepreneurial environment inspiring innovation, creative exchanges, and fun-driven competition and helping creative achievers grow and shine."... More

  • Charles Schwab's: "To be the most ethical and useful financial services company in the world."  >>>

  • AOL's: "To build a global medium as central to people's lives as the telephone or television, only more useful."

  • Hotmail's: "To democratize communications and change the world."  >>>

  • Telepizza's: "To create a world of Telepizza citizens."

  • Wal-Mart's: "To build stores where the common person could buy the same stuff as rich people."  >>>

  • Southwest Airlines: "To free the skies." Despite its ever-increasing size, Southwest Airlines has managed to maintain a strong, purposeful, and inspiring culture in which every employee is still on a crusade to free the skies. No employee shows up for work just to "do a job." The Southwest Airlines vision is so strong that every employee is a crusader of freedom.3

Turning a Cause into a Crusade: 8 Steps

The leader/founder/CEO must live the cause... More

Strategic Motivation

Without strategic motivation, without the organization's enthusiastic involvement and participation of inspired employees, it is impossible to implement any strategic plan... More

10 Commandments of Innovation

Inspire your team. Communicate your strategic intent and launch a crusade... More

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1. It's not the BIG and eats the SMALL... it's the FAST that eats the SLOW, Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton

2. Leading on the Edge off Chaos, Emmet C. Murphy and Mark A. Murphy

3. Why You Need to Dream Big to Succeed, Raymond Yeh