If you are not fast enough, you'll be defeated both from inside and outside


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3Ss of Great Performance are Stretch, Synergy, and Speed.



One minute can decide the outcome of the battle,
one hour the outcome of the campaign,
and one day the fate of the country.

Alexander Suvorov



Smart & Fast Thinking

Strategic Creativity: 3B Model

Holistic Thinking: Kore 3 Models

Metaphorical Thinking

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT)

Subconscious Thinking

Ideate on Autopilot

Entrepreneurial Strategies

Think Both Inside-Out and Outside-In


Spotting Trends

Looking for Opportunities Always

Discovering Opportunities

Preparing to Win

Simulation Games

Rapid Experimentation

Fast to Market


Entrepreneurial Organization

People and Enablers

Entrepreneurial Leaders

Entrepreneurial Employees

Entrepreneurial Team

Burning Desire


Confidence, Courage


Quick Team Assessment


Smart & Fast Organization

Entrepreneurial Organization

Flat Organization

Lean Structures

Inspiring Culture    Team Culture

Creative Dissatisfaction

Cross-functional Innovation Teams

Constructive Competition


Guiding Principles

Strategic Alignment



Bureaucracy-free Processes


Fast Evaluation of Strategic Ideas

Weighted Guiding Principles

80/20 Principle

Gold Coin Cards

42 Perceptual Positions

Six Thinking Hats


Dream Big Dreams

Entrepreneurial Vision

Great Achiever

BE MAD    Be a Victor

Strategic Achiever

Achieve Impossible

Burning Desire

Burning Belief


Learning    Courage

Strategic Flexibility




Leading vs. Lagging Companies

Leading companies are agile and fast. Lagging companies are bureaucratic, cumbersome and slow.


Live Speed

Eliminate Bureaucracy



Jack Welch advice business quotes

Speed is everything. It is the indispensable ingredient of competitiveness.

Jack Welch




Example: Silicon Valley Firms

Silicon Valley firms produce top quality at lightning speed.


Relentless Approach to Innovation in Silicon Valley