I would have become a writer
if I had not become a commander.

Alexander Suvorov





Alexander Suvorov (1729 1800) is a legendary invincible Russian military commander and the author of The Science of Winning. Suvorov won all the battles with least possible losses.






A Historic Link

A student of Suvorov Kutuzov defeated Napoleon.




Hurry to do good!

Alexander Suvorov


Win with ability, not with numbers.

Alexander Suvorov



Fight the enemy with the weapons he lacks.

To surprise the enemy is to defeat him.

Hard in training easy in a battle. Easy in training hard in a battle.



The whole world is not worth even one drop of needlessly shed blood.

Alexander Suvorov



Easy victories are not dear to the Russian heart.

Courage takes fortresses.

Fortune seized at the right moment brings victory.

A near actionable goal is better than a remote one.



A scared one is half-defeated.

Alexander Suvorov



The more comfort the less courage there is.

He is no longer cunning, of whom everyone says that he is cunning.

Speed and pressure are the key to victory.

It is better to attack a dangerous enemy than to wait for them to attack you.



No battle can be won in the study,
and theory without practice is dead.

Alexander Suvorov



One minute can decide the outcome of the battle, one hour the outcome of the campaign, and one day the fate of the country.


Fast Company

Fast to Market



Speed is needed, but haste is harmful.

Alexander Suvorov



As long as the enemy fights he must be beaten relentlessly, but a defeated enemy and especially the civilian population must be treated generously.


Russian Character

The Art of War



From a young age, learn to forgive the offenses of your neighbor and never forgive your own.

Alexander Suvorov