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The Power of Motivation Case Studies

Motivation is the power


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 The best performers are not those who are skilled best, but those who are motivated most >>>

6 Mindsets of a Great Achiever


Characteristics of an Attitude of a Motivated Person

  positive and proactive

  motivated by purpose and energized

  Achievement-focused and expecting to succeed  >>> 


The Key To Success

Success comes through people. If you understand what motivates people, you have at your command the most powerful tool for dealing with them to get them achieve extraordinary results. Motivated people are more productive and fulfilled, show greater loyalty and are eager to stretch themselves in order to contribute to the organization their best in an impactful way

For the new manager who knows how to energize people and maintain their enthusiasm, the art of motivating is one of his or her success secrets.



Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

To motivate your people,
find the right fit for every person and
help them grow!

Vadim Kotelnikov


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Mobilize your people around a common goal. Help them feel a part of something genuine, special, and important... More

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Provide rewards

for the soul and for the wallet.


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Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

A paycheck and a stock option will buy one kind of loyalty. But nothing can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, sincere words of praise.

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From a management standpoint, it is very important to know how to unleash people's inborn creativity.

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