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Gain Sharing



Benefits of Gain Sharing

Gain sharing encourages people to do their best, conserve resources, and collaborate synergistically in order to produce greater results.


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Gain sharing turns employees to intrapreneurs: evokes entrepreneurial spirit, energizes, inspires creativity, and pushes entrepreneurial action. It helps ingrain customer-driven innovation in corporate culture and operations.

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Gain sharing makes people refocus their attention from creating something innovative to maximizing profits.

Gain sharing makes employees stop wasting their time on ideas that cannot be commercialized or promise too low return on investment.


Gain sharing makes people better team players because they realize that they can deliver higher customer value if their efforts are synergized with others. It connects people and creates a greater climate for collaboration and co-innovation.

Gain sharing turns employees to partners who perform together beyond their wildest expectations.

  SuperSmart Employee advanced soft skills motivation gain sharing


Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

Share your profits with all your associates,
and treat them as partners.

Sam Walton



Examples of Reward Systems

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Jack Welch advice business quotes

Provide rewards for the soul and for the wallet.

Jack Welch



Michael Dell advice

We decided to reward employees around a matrix of Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), and growth.

Michael Dell<