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The Art, Science and Practice of

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Art, Science, and Practice of Effective Management

Art business-design thinking and asking effective open questions about your business

Science answering these questions, analyzing the answers, and evaluating their results  >>>

Practice implementing the solutions: making things happen and keeping work on track




Management is more art than science

Managing is working with and through other people to accomplish the objectives of both the organization Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book  and its members.

Management consists of:

rational assessment of a situation and the systematic selection of goals and purposes (what is to be done);

systematic development of strategies to achieve these goals;

marshalling of the required resources;

rational design, organization, direction, and control of the activities required to attain the selected purposes;

helping each employee to find the right fit, directing their ambitions, developing and empowering employees, providing situational coaching to help employees to grow, and to enhance their individual performance and learning ability;

motivating and rewarding of people to do the work.




What Managers Do

New Management Model

Managerial Leadership

Strategic Management 

Cross-functional Management

Performance  >>  Measure

Employee Performance Management

Project Management

Change Management

Innovation Management

Problem Solving    Quality

Managerial Communication


Work Smart & Hard

Management-Leadership Synergy

Systems Approach to Management

Cross-functional Excellence

Love Quotient (LQ)    Coaching

Super-Leadership  >>  Help People Grow

Employee Empowerment

Energizing Employees    Leveraging Diversity

Coaching  >>  Motivational Coaching

25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Venture Management

Opportunity-driven Business Development

Leadership vs. Management

Strategic   Entrepreneurial

Inclusive   Creative

Corporate Leader  >>  12 Roles

Business Architect

Business Design  >>  Innoball Enhance

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Results-based Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Fast Decision Making Techniques

Delegation  >>  DO's and DON'Ts