When you ask searching questions, you innovate forward.

When you have answers, you stagnate.  >>>


Run your company by questions, not by answers, to  get a better innovative culture. Ask a lot of value, strategy-, product-, process-, employee, organization-, customer Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book-, market- and competition-related questions to stimulate conversation that results in Innovation.

Creating Sustainable Profits: 9 Questions To Answer


Examples of Managerial Questions

  • How could we enhance our business portfolio to produce higher and more innovative value Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book for the customer?

  • How the needs of our target customers are changing? How could we satisfy these new needs? How could we create new customer needs that our new product or service is best to satisfy?

  • How could we get employees more enthusiastic about creating higher customer value and more loyal to our company?

  • What could be improved radically Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book in our processes?

  • What are the next big breakthroughs in our and related industries?

  • What do we do about the various new products our competitors are allegedly about to offer soon?

Having made an experimental step towards a stretch goal, ask Learning SWOT Questions to identify new strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Examples of Question-based Management


Case Studies Google

10 Success Lessons from Google

"Innovation is not something that I just wake up one day and say 'I want to innovate.' I think you get a better innovative culture if you ask it as a question," said Eric Schmidt while being the Executive Chairman of Google. "So in the strategy process we've so far formulated 30 questions that we have to answer. I'll give you an example: we have a lot of cash. What should we do with the cash? Another example of a question that we are debating right now is: we have this amazing product called AdSense for content, where we're monetizing the Web. If you're a publisher we run our ads against your content. It's phenomenal. How do we make that product produce better content, not just lots of content? An interesting question. How we do make sure that in the area of video, that high-quality video is also monetized? What are the next big breakthroughs in search? And the competitive questions: What do we do about the various products Microsoft is allegedly offering? You ask it as a question, rather than a pithy answer, and that stimulates conversation. Out of the conversation comes innovation.

Case Studies GE

25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Below are Jack Welch's 5 Strategic Questions you should ask to understand where your business is going:

❶ What does your global competitive environment look like?

❷ In the last three years, what have your competitors done?

❸ In the same period, what have you done to them?

❹ How might they attack you in the future?  >>>

❺ What are your plans to leapfrog over them >>>

Peter Drucker management quotes

Ask yourself: What are my strengths? How do I work? What is my contribution?






Management Questions by Peter Drucker

Ask Learning SWOT Questions




4 WHYs of True Success   Question-based Selling