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Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM)

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EBPM addresses the pressing need of the modern interconnected enterprise to integrate business process thinking with strategy, systemic innovation, organizational structure and people issues. It requires that managers think systemically about their business and lead and manage accordingly.

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Yin and Yang of EBPM

YIN (passive, accepting side): Look at your business outside-in and make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

YANG (active, aggressive side): Look at your business inside-out and take action to achieve your strategic focus.

Yin-Yang of Business Success


Applications of Yin-Yang for Business

Yin-Yang of Business Success

Yin-Yang of Customer Value Creation

Yin-Yang of Value Innovation




Two Main Enablers of EBPM

① Business process thinking

② Process-centric information technologies


Business Process Thinking Checklist: 14 Questions





Growing Demand for Systems Thinking

Today's end-to-end business processes are dynamic systems. The goal of cross-functional management and systems thinking is to manage the rapidly growing complexity and technological interconnectedness of the worlds of business and innovation.

"End-to-end business processes are dynamic systems, but today's business professionals are generally not trained in general systems thinking. Too often constrained to a perspective limited by ingrained business practices, rigid scripts and structured input-output work, few professionals have a wide-angle view of, or experience dealing with, end-to-end business processes," writes Michael Hummer, the author of Agenda.


Shift from Linear to Systemic Innovation

Systems Thinking

Growing Value of Systems Thinking for Business

Barriers to Systems Thinking

Holistic Thinking

Universal Models

5 Basic Elements

Business Applications




Enterprise Business Process (EBP)

EBP is the end-to-end cross-departmental coordination of work activities that create and deliver value to customers.

"Running a business without an enterprise business process plan is analogous to preparing for a big game with only a roster of key players, no play-book and no practice," says Andrew Spanyi.




Benefits of EBPM

The payoffs of EBPM can be breathtaking. Costs go down, quality goes up, and speed increases.

"Because multiple value chain participants must collaborate to deliver value, they must all participate in process analysis and design - and achieve team learning. Only with the visibility provided by process management can end-to-end processes be understood, anomalies spotted, redundancy eradicated and inefficiencies eliminated. Process management integrates everyone and everything once; thereafter, process design, transformation and experience take place freely and continuously, not as a series of infrequent, long-winded, piecemeal and distracting "integration projects" for each new process design. In this way, participants truly learn about the process and the side effects of change on the business," write Howard Smith and Peter Fingar, the authors of Business Process Management: The Third Wave.


8 Principles of EBPM

Assess Your Organization's Progress Toward Excelling in Business Process Management

Business Design

5 Basic Elements



Business Process


Process-managed Enterprise

9 Steps to building a Process-managed Enterprise






Balanced Business Wheel

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