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Build and empower cross-functional teams, make cross-functional involvement the path of least resistance.

Facilitate regular cross-pollination of ideas with peers outside your organization.




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Involve hand-picked cross-functional innovation teams in new product/service development from start to finish; recruit team members from several different businesses and facilitate constant interaction among them.


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Systemic Innovation

Innovation Insights





Move from "arm's-length" to "partnership" relationships between departments within your organization.


Cross-functional Management




Establish a jazz-like innovation process, overlap different product/process development phases (e.g. fusing design and production engineering), and encourage improvisation within a guiding structure.

Promote productive use of chaos to inspire creativity and generation of outside-the-box ideas.


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Stimulate radical idea generation. Suspend judgment when you start discussing a new idea let people focus on finding and discussing positive impacts of the idea first.


Creativity Management

Idea Management





Empower employees and encourage "bottom-up" input from all employee groups because people are the main source of sustainable competitive advantage.


Growth 10+ is People 10+





Organize regular meetings of multi-disciplinary teams to discuss explicitly and if required, redefine innovation objectives, priorities, and specific projects.


Innovation 80/20

Intellectual Teamwork




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Innovation journey from an idea to customer success is never a straight line is it a virtuous spiral.

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