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Do you wand to be a leader or a manager?

You need to make a choice as there is a huge difference.

The world is full of managers dealing with the status quo, and desperately short of entrepreneurial leaders capable of creating breakthroughs.





Adapting to Today's World Realities

In today's rapidly changing economy, the old ways of management no longer work and will never work again. The magnitude and pressure of environmental, competitive, and global market change we are experiencing is unprecedented. It's a very interesting and exciting world, but it's also volatile and chaotic. You cannot address these new challenges with more of the same management solutions successful change requires leadership >>>




Psychological research has shown that under circumstances of rapid change, uncertainty or unusual challenge, people look for help in understanding questions about what direction to take, what matters, what to do, and what they should not do.

Best Leadership Definition Leadership is about creating powerful human currents moving enthusiastically and creatively in the right direction Vadim Kotelnikov



Helping people to achieve extraordinary results in such challenging situations is the essence of leadership and the new management model that is all about leadership-management synergy.

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Differences between What Leaders and Managers Do



Working in the system

Working on the system


Create opportunities

Control risks

Seek opportunities

Enforce organizational rules

Change organizational rules

Seek and then follow direction

Provide a vision to believe in and strategic alignment

Control people by pushing them in the right direction

Motivate people by satisfying human needs

Coordinate effort

Inspire achievement and energize people

Provide instructions

Coach followers, create self-leaders, and empower them




Peter Drucker advice

Management is doing things right;

leadership is doing the right things.



Stephen Covey advice quotes

Management works in the system, leadership works on the system.



Jack Welch advice business quotes

Lead more, manage less.

Managers muddle leaders inspire. Leaders are people who inspire with clear vision of how things can be done better.

Jack Welch



Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

Managers lock you in a status quo.

Leaders pull you into their wind of change.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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