Leadership-Management Synergy  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book



Working in the system

Working on the system


Create opportunities

Control risks

Seek opportunities

Enforce organizational rules

Change organizational rules

Seek and then follow direction

Provide a vision to believe in and strategic alignment

Control people by pushing them in the right direction

Motivate people by satisfying human needs

Coordinate effort

Inspire achievement and energize people

Provide instructions

Coach followers, create self-leaders, empower employees and partner with them





Leading Change vs. Managing Change

Leaders amplify strengths.

Managers reduce weaknesses. ... More




Effective managers may just follow the rules, but true leaders must be creative. Leadership is about getting people to abandon their their old habits and achieve new things, and therefore largely about change ‒ about inspiring, helping, and sometimes enforcing change in people... More






To Lead or To Manage?

You need both.

"Manage things... lead people."  ~ Admiral Grace Hopper

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The old proverb says that leadership is doing the right thing; management is doing things right. The difference between the two is not as sharp as the saying would suggest, and both are required for effective corporate growth: leadership risk creates opportunities while management strictness turns them into tangible Results Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.




"There is a direct correlation between the way people view their managers and the way they perform. Strong leadership is imperative for shaping a group of people into a force that serves as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book." ~ Mark Stevens

However, "if your organization is not on a journey don't bother about leadership just settle for management", advises John Adair.




Case Studies  GE: Jack Welch Turns Managers to Leaders

Jack Welch is all about leadership, not management. Actually, he wanted to discard the term "manager" altogether because it had come to mean someone who "controls rather than facilitates, complicates rather than simplifies, acts more like a governor than an accelerator."

Welch has given a great of thought to how to manage employees effectively so that they are as productive as possible. An he has come to a seemingly paradoxical view. The less managing you do the better off your company. Manage less to manage more... More

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