Master of Business Synergies (MBS)



Classic Management  >>  System

New Management Model

Core Business Skills

5 Main Functions of a Manager

Setting Objectives and Planning    Kaizen and Management

Organizing the Group  >>  Team vs. Group

Motivating and Communicating  >>  Best Practices

What Motivates Workers    Managerial Communication

Measuring Performance  >>  360 Evaluation

Developing People >> Develop Employees

Management by Objectives (MBO)

3 Parts    Objectives    Applications >> Yourself

MBO and Employee Empowerment

Managing for Results

Strategic Achievement    Strategy Schools

Strategic Planning    Strategic Programming

Planning    Goals >> Stretch Goals    Achieve Goals

7Ss Model for Improving an Organization   Measurement System

Problem Solving in Business    5 WHYs Process

Balanced Score Card    Porter's 5 Forces Model

Fayol’s 14 Principles    30 Lessons from Matsushita

Kaizen  >>  Kaizen Mindset    Mini-Kaizen

MBWA >> 7 Principles    Best Practices

Performance Management

Benefits System Examples    Employees >> Develop

Decentralization and Delegations

4 Stages of Delegation    Delegation DOs and DON'Ts

Traditional Project Management

Project Planning    Responsibility Matrix

Strategic Project Management  >>  vs. Conventional

New vs. Old Management Model    Knowledge Management

Inclusive Company    People Partnership    Help People Grow

Employee Empowerment  >>  Why  /  10 Steps

Entrepreneurial Organization    Adaptive Organization

Venture Management vs. Corporate Management

Cultural Intelligence    Question-based Management


Grow    Increase Performance >> Questions    Self-Leader

Managerial Leadership

Leadership vs. Management    Leader 360

Entrepreneurial Leadership    Creative Leadership

Cross-functional Expertise    Result-based Leadership

Inspirational Leader    Extreme Leadership

Modern Must-Dos    Managing in the Era of Rampant Change

Managing Knowledge Workers  >>  Specific Traits  /  NLP

Team Leader    Virtual Teams

Business Process Management (EBPM)

Enterprise-wide Business Process Thinking

IT Leader  >>  11 Traits    Attributes

Value-focused Project Management

Radical Project Management  >>  Specific Skills Improvisation

Business Leader

Main Tasks    Systemic Innovation

25 Lessons from Jack Welch  >>  Lead Stretch Energize

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Leadership-Management Synergy

Synergize Diversities    Synergistic Innovation

What is Management: Art, Science, Practice

Skills 4.0  >>  Groundbreaking Soft Skills

3 Eternal Tasks of Management    Project Management

Balanced Manager

YIN and YANG    5 Minds of a Manager    Managing Diversity

Coaching  >>  Coaching at Work  >>  Need   Skill / Will Matrix

Management by Consciousness    Cultural Insights

People Skills

Communicating    Motivating    Coaching

Manage Cultural Differences    Leverage Diversity

Business Communication

Effective Meeting    Making Presentations


Management Team    Synergistic Team

Intellectual Teamwork  >>  Team Creativity

17 Teamwork Laws    5 Steps To Team Building

Change Management

6Ws    Leading vs. Managing    Overcoming Resistance

Innoball  >>  Achieve Beyond Aspirations

Motivate Employees    Fast Decision Making Techniques

KoRe 10 Tips

Managerial Leadership    Inspirational leadership

Create an Innovative Workforce    Brainstorming

Lateral Leadership    Extreme Leadership

10 Guidelines for Multicultural Collaboration

IT Governance  >>  IT/Business Alignment

Business Communication  >>  Impactful Presenter