Classic Management Model

5 Main Functions of a Manager

By: Peter Drucker

1. Setting  Objectives & Planning  >>>

  • To determine the objectives aligned with the corporate vision and mission statement

  • To determine the goals in each area of objectives

  • To decide what has to be done to reach the objectives

  • To communicate the objectives to the people whose performance is needed to attain them

Inspiring People: 4 Strategies

2. Organizing the Group  >>>

  • To analyze the activities, decisions, and relations needed

  • To classify the work

  • To divide the work into manageable activities and further divide the activities into manageable jobs

  • To group units and jobs into an organization structure

  • To select people for the management of the units and for the job to be done

Winning Team: 7 Elements

3. Motivating & Communicating  >>>

4. Measuring Performance  >>>

  • To establish yardsticks and few factors that are as important to the performance of the organization and every man in it

  • To make the measurements focused on the performance of the whole organization and every individual available to each staff member

  • To analyze, appraise, and interpret performance

  • To communicate the meaning of the measurements and their findings to your subordinates, to his superiors, and to colleagues

5. Developing People  >>>

Coaching        → Energizing Employees



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