Venture Management

The Four Entrepreneurial Strategies

By: Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker business advice

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  1. Being "the Fastest and the Mostest" the "greatest gamble", aiming from the beginning at permanent leadership Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

  2. "Hitting Them Where They Ain't" either by "creative imitation"; or by " entrepreneurial  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book judo", a Japanese concept that enables newcomers to catapult themselves into a leadership position against entrenched, established companies.  >>>

Surprise To Win: 3 Strategies Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

  1. Finding and occupying a specialized "ecological niche" obtaining a practical monopoly in a small area

Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy

  1. Changing the economic characteristics of the product, a market, or an industry by creating utility, or pricing, or adaptation to the customer's social and economic reality, or delivering what represents true value to the customerr Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.



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